My art practice physically draws from interdisciplinary interests in soil and water science, land use and politics, cultural and natural history, and agriculture to define my daily life and community in my home state of Florida. Finished works revolve around the photograph and can also include video, sculpture, screenprints, handmade books, and regional food or flora to create pieces that reflect the complex dynamics of stories, personal experiences, and science around local ecology. I am currently working in a site specific manner with people in my community to collect information, artifacts, and photographs in a documentary style; later synthesized through metaphor and personal experience to highlight common threads and lessons in connection. Cross disciplinary production has been the way my work stays culturally engaged. I am influenced by the theory of Lucy Lippard and Joseph Beuys, as well as artists such as Fritz Haeg, Katerie Gladdys, and Terry Evans. 
I hope to instill a curiosity in viewers that leads to questioning what defines their own sense of place and part in their community.

Isabella Guttuso

2019 BFA in Fine Arts, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.
Honors: Summa Cum Laude (3.96 / 4.0)

2014 Lynn Travis Stender Scholarship
2015 Lynn Travis Stender Scholarship
2017 1st place in University Division, Trashformations: The Art of Recycling,
Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, FL
2017 Anderson Scholar Award with High Distinction
2017 Dennis and Colette Campay Studio Art scholarship

2018 SA+AH Outstanding Undergraduate Student Scholarship

2019 For Four Years, Here, Working Food, Gainesville, FL

Group Exhibitions​​​​​​​
2015 UF SA+AH Fall WARP Exhibition, WARPhaus Gallery, Gainesville, FL
2017 FACC Juried Arts Exhibition, University Gallery, Gainesville, FL
2017 Cross Creek Rising: The Consciousness of Land and Water, Thomas Center, Gainesville, FL
2017 Trashformations: The Art of Recycling, Florida Museum of Natural History,
Gainesville, FL  1st place in University Division
2017 Fieldwork, Foremost Gallery, Gainesville, FL
2018 No Mo Sad Days, The Boxcar, Gainesville, FL
2017 TEDxUF, First Magnitude Brewery, Gainesville, FL
2018 UF Biolink, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
2018 Sustainability Showcase, J Wayne Reitz Union, Gainesville, FL
2018 Undergrid: 2018 Studio Undergraduate Invitational, 4Most Gallery, Gainesville, FL
2018 2018 Book Arts Showcase, 4Most Gallery, Gainesville, FL
2018 TEDxUF, First Magnitude Brewery, Gainesville, FL

2017 SA+AH now, University of Florida School of Art and Art History, issue #10, November 2017
2019 Dinner + No Show, University of Florida Art History Association, issue #2, May 2019

Conferences Attended
2019 Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (A2RU) Emerging Creatives Student Summit

Teaching Experience
2016 Volunteer Art Instructor, Oak Hall School, Gainesville, FL
2016 Art Instructor, American Heritage School, Delray Beach, FL

Related Experience
2017 Studio Assistant, Paige Ward, Gainesville, FL
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